The last production of the artist is a clear and thrilling  meet between painting and sculpture. The several matters become now one thing, all wrapped in warm monochrome or soft two-color. A solution, this one, that comunicates new sensations and  make clear how much the artist feels in armony with the world and her  inner peace, all this thanks to her artistical maturity, now stronger than ever. Tina now left the polychromy in the Pollock style, she is now attracted by the monochrome suggestions whose drawing up put in emphasis the corporeality of the subjects disigned on the canvas. These are ancestral images, designed and imagined as astral matters, figures coming from other and unknown universes. The analitic painting  is, now, the new painting of Tina Lattarulo and minimal is the mode of making, like  the matters used:  copper and jute. A lots of her actual compositions  have silver that flows in a vortex around pieces of fabrics.  All these elements have a poetic value extremely elegant.



Matter seems to have a personal life. Tina shapes it just like the ancient greak poets did. Now very strong and intense is the wish to express what is beauty or monstrosity in the contemporary society,it is all so clear. Tina has been able to express, through the arts, its matters, with great force, all her renewed sensitivity and she has been also able to make clear all the psychological implications of the condition of a woman engaged in to the world of figurative arts. Tina demonstrated, always better, that she loves art in all its essence, and that she is able to infuse, through it, love and aesthetic sense, she can also reveal, now,  modern imagines, full of excellent and refined feelings. This last creation is the result of a careful meditation on her old works, but, at the same time, it opens the doors to her  future works, pictorial and statuesque, that will stand among all for its poetic vein, made of timeless iconic figures and lyricism.


Luigi Fusco